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The FAQ is currently being rewritten, hopefully to address more common questions. However here are some quick answers to the most common questions.

Bug Reporting

Please submit all bug reports to the Bug Tracker. The more descriptive you can be about what lead to the bug/crash, the easier it is to get it fixed. Also if iLeech "unexpectedly" quits, please check the Library/Logs directory of your home directory. If an iLeech log file exists, please submit that with your bug report.

Feature Requests

Please submit all feature requests to the Feature Request Tracker

Help/Support Issues

Please post any help/support related issue to the Support Forum

Where Can I Get a List of Hosts to Connect To?

Sorry, I can't help you out there. I only know of two machines, my desktop and laptop that I use for development/testing.

How Do I Connect?

You need to know the IP address or hostname of the iTunes Share you wish to connect to. This can be in daap:// format if you wish. Once you know the address, enter it in the "Connect to Host" textfield and click Connect. If the machine requires a password, you will be prompted for it. And then shortly, the remote playlist will be displayed in the table for you to browse/download from.